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Learn more about education at Eksjo.

Eksjo's Sunday school gathers every Sunday at 11:00 am - September thru May. Sunday School is offered for children age 3 through 6th grade. Class time includes lessons, music, games and much more.

Confirmation - Confirmation is a three year program for 7th through 9th grade students. The three year program is divided into studies on the Old Testament, New Testament and Luther's Catechism. They meet on the 1st and 3rd (& 5th) Wednesday of the month from September until April. Supper is served to our youth from 5:15-5:35 pm, with class starting at 5:45 pm. Families of confirmands take turns providing and serving the meal. Class time includes exploring object lessons, lecture, and small group discussion. Parents are encouraged to participate. Confirmation Day is generally the Sunday after Easter, but a specific schedule is put out at the beginning of each year with important dates.

VBS - Vacation Bible School - During the summer months a week long celebration is planned for the youth of your church family. Generally gathering time for VBS is generally 2 1/2 to 3 hours during the evening hours. A great time is had by all as the youth will take part in bible lessons, games, music, plays, crafts, science projects, snacks and learning how much we are loved by God!!! Watch each year for details as the summer months draw closer.

F.B.I. "Faith Builders Incorporated" - When the school bus stops in front of Eksjo on Wednesday afternoons about 30 young people come barreling off the bus and race for the church basement door. Much like any other day the kids are hungry - Parents and volunteers are ready for them with a nutrious and filling snack, which the families take turns provding and serving. Following some time to fill their tummys and unwind from the school day. The children are engaged in time for bible study, bible verse memorization and learning god's word. And of course some afterschool playtime is essential before their parents pick them up at 5:00. The kids also earn points for attendance and memorization which they are able to trade in for inspirational and fun items from the "store". FBI is open to all elementary students - Kindergarten through 6th grade. It is a great midweek reminder for children who are growing in God's love. FBI is held every Wednesday afterschool from September through May. But does not meet during school holidays or when school is let out early. <

Mailing Address: P O Box 327, Lake Park, MN 56554